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Sometimes the answer to this question is straight-forward, but not usually. A 72-year-old widow looking solely to provide money to someday pay for her own final expenses, for example, could estimate what those expenses will be, and buy that amount of coverage.

But most often, it’s not that simple. To protect against lost income, is coverage equal to six times annual income enough? Ten times income? Even experts disagree.

So it’s no wonder research shows this question to be one of the most common stumbling blocks for people considering life insurance. Unable to determine the “right” amount, they instead arrive at the only “wrong” answer – to buy no coverage at all, and hope things work out for the best!

To make sure that doesn’t happen to you, we encourage you to talk with your LifeHelp agent, and be open about not only the amount of coverage you’d like to have, but also what you can realistically afford.

Above all, keep in mind one simple truth – if your loved ones need the protection life insurance provides, then providing (or adding) any amount of coverage now is better than worrying about choosing the mythical “right amount,” only to end up buying none, and leaving your family no better protected than now.