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Privacy Policy

We know that the privacy of personal information (“Information”) or the Information of members, employees and others is extremely important. That’s why LifeHelp wants you to know how we collect, use and protect Information.

It is our policy to take all reasonable measures to maintain personal privacy. We have developed and implemented strict policies and procedures to meet this commitment and we review and update them as necessary to help ensure personal privacy and compliance with applicable laws and the policies of companies with whom we do business.

Use of Information: LifeHelp uses Information to conduct its daily business activities which are primarily focused on meeting your needs, responding to your requests, and/or making available to you insurance products, services and benefits on behalf of our company or non-affiliated business partners and while complying with applicable laws.

LifeHelp does not rent or sell any Information collected. We may share Information with non-affiliated companies as allowed by law, such as with firms that perform services on our behalf including marketing. We may share Information with non-affiliated companies as required by law, such as to respond to a court order or government inquiry. We will not share health Information with third parties for marketing purposes without consent. We follow strict policies and procedures with regard to Information sharing as outlined below.

Information We Collect: Most of the Information we collect is provided directly by our customers. Our customers are primarily Credit Union members, employees, Credit Unions, member or employer organizations, or insurance carriers. The Information we collect is only what is necessary to process a request. This information is collected on applications or forms via mail, phone, and/or electronically. We may also collect Information from publicly available records or, with authorization, from consumer or health information sources.

Protection & Handling of Information: Access to Information is limited to personnel who need the Information to perform their job responsibilities. Strict policies regarding the handling of Information in our offices ensure that you may do business with LifeHelp with complete confidentiality. Physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards that meet state and federal regulations are in place to protect Information. All LifeHelp employees are required to comply with these policies and procedures. Additional information is available on some of LifeHelp’s specific policies and procedures used for protection and handling of Information.

Information Sharing: LifeHelp may share Information with non-affiliated companies as allowed and/or required by law in conducting its business activities, primarily meeting your needs and requests or making available to Credit Unions and their members insurance products and services. A strict policy and procedure has been implemented to comply with Graham-Leach-Bliley Act and other state and enabling federal regulations. A copy of this information-sharing policy and procedure is available upon request. Information is also shared with our insurance carrier partners to process applications for insurance. For more information, Contact Us.